At ANS Digital Media, we redefine post-production with unrivaled storytelling precision. Our mastery in editing ensures every frame, sound, and detail aligns seamlessly, creating an immersive narrative that captivates audiences. Elevate your content to new heights, experiencing the pinnacle of storytelling excellence with ANS Digital Media’s post-production expertise.

Post Production Editing

Film editing serves as the intricate intersection between creativity and technology within the post-production phase of filmmaking. Originally rooted in the traditional realm of working with physical film, this process has seamlessly transitioned into the digital era, leveraging advanced technologies.

A diverse collection of shots and footage is imperative in constructing a video composition. Film editing, therefore, epitomizes the transformative act of refining and redefining the shots captured during production. It encompasses the art, technique, and disciplined practice of seamlessly assembling disparate shots into a harmonious and coherent sequence.

The role of an editor transcends mere mechanical compilation. Beyond the technical aspects of splicing film slates or editing dialogue scenes, an editor is a creative force at play. Tasked with weaving together layers of imagery, storyline, dialogue, music, and pacing, an editor engages in the intricate dance of re-imagining and sometimes even rewriting the film to craft a unified and compelling whole.

Editors assume a dynamic and influential position in the filmmaking process. The judicious selection of high-quality shots and the meticulous removal of superfluous frames ensure a polished and refined outcome. The editor’s discerning eye and skilful touch contribute significantly to the overall success & impact of the cinematic endeavour.

Post Production DI

ANS Media stands at the forefront of post-production services, boasting one of the most exceptional facilities for Color Grading, specifically in Digital Intermediate (DI). Our studios in Chennai are equipped with state-of-the-art colour grading suites that offer an unparalleled work environment, ensuring a memorable and productive experience.

Pioneers in introducing Color Grading (DI) services to India, ANS Media takes pride in its extensive portfolio, having collaborated on some of the most significant films for discerning clients. Our facilities support 4K and 8K workflows, underscoring our commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Utilizing Davinci Resolve grading machines and projection systems, our comfortably spacious grading suites feature large screens, providing an immersive environment for the colour grading process. At ANS Media, our colourists, recognized as industry leaders, bring their expertise to bear on prestigious projects from across the globe.

Our comprehensive delivery offerings encompass archive copies in 2K/4K DCP and tailored packages for OTT platforms. ANS Media excels not only in Color Grading but also provides:

  • Data management solutions for 2K/4K/8K workflows
  • Integrated film handling facility and vault for film preservation
  • Deliverables catering to Broadcast, OTT, Theatrical releases, and lossless archival copies

Renowned for our visual effects prowess, our team of skilled artisans stands ready to elevate your project. From conceptualization to delivery, we leverage cutting-edge technology and digital formats to create award-winning content. Our team of skilled artisans offers a wide range of services including 2D and stereo painting, rotoscopy, camera tracking, matte painting, background extension, crowd replication, and compositing to meet all your creative needs.

Computer Graphics

In computer graphics, ANS Media stands out with a robust technical capability encompassing various facets of visual effects. Our dedicated project management team and skilled artists renowned for delivering top-notch 2D Roto have solidified our position as a leading VFX services provider with decades of experience.

Roto (Nuke, Silhouette – Rotoscoping): Our innovative project management team collaborates seamlessly with artists to provide exceptional 2D Roto services. With a customer-friendly workflow, we prioritize short turnarounds to prevent cost escalation and maintain quality. As your extended team, we can effortlessly scale up to handle large volumes of work. Paint (Photoshop, Combustion – Paint & Preparation): Utilizing in-house techniques, our artisans excel in digital paint and preparation, handling tasks such as clean-up, clean plate creation, wire/rig removals, and stereo paint efficiently. Supervised by our executive quality team, we aim for perfection on the first version, ensuring timely delivery regardless of project scale or complexity. Matchmove (3D Equaliser – Matchmoving):

Our specialized matchmoving process allows our artisans to track camera motion, precisely aligning compositions with live-action shots. With experience in industry-standard motion tracking software, our team offers effective solutions, ensuring seamless integration in your motion picture for a flawless result.

Compositing (Nuke – Compositing):

Our artisans employ Nuke to craft visually stunning sequences by seamlessly combining layered elements. Connected online in real-time, our team collaborates on multiple layers of matte painting, 3D objects, and editorials to create the perfect shot that elicits a “WOW” experience.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Roto: Detailed extraction from green screen, blue screen, or shot images in any preferred format.
  • Paint & Prep: Wire erasing, clean-up on complex action shots.
  • 3D Compositing: Incorporating three-dimensional elements for enhanced visual impact.
  • Crowd Multiplication: Creating realistic crowd scenes for added depth and complexity.
  • Beauty Retouching: Enhancing visual aesthetics through meticulous retouching.
  • Colour Enhancement: Elevating the overall visual appeal through skilful colour adjustments.

Film Scanning / Digitization

The imperative to digitize films has become increasingly apparent in the contemporary era dominated by digital advancements. As time progresses, negative and positive prints are susceptible to deterioration, losing their original content. Film scanning and digitization present a vital solution, allowing these prints to be transferred and preserved digitally. 

ANS Media takes pride in offering bespoke Film Scanning & Digitization services, leveraging cutting-edge technology such as Laser Graphics equipped with Wet Gate and LED Technology. Our team of highly professional artists sets us apart from other studios providing similar services. Their commitment to precision and attention to minute details is paramount, ensuring a systematic procedure that is not only crucial but also highly recommended, particularly for achieving a pristine 4K output.

At ANS Media, we go beyond mere digitization; we prioritize preserving each film’s original content and nuances. Our commitment to consistency sets us apart as a trusted partner in Film Scanning and Digitization services.

Digital Film Restoration

At ANS Media, we recognize the enduring value of timeless classics that deserve to be experienced by contemporary audiences. However, the ravages of time often manifest as scratches, grains, and various imperfections, diminishing the picture quality of these cinematic gems. Our Digital Film Restoration services are designed to restore and elevate the quality of these films, often achieving resolutions of up to 4K.

Our meticulous digital restoration involves manual frame-by-frame restoration in 4K/2K/HD, employing cutting-edge technologies such as Diamant, PF Clean, Revival, Dust Buster, and DVO. Backed by the latest industry-recognized hardware and software, our experienced professionals ensure the highest possible output. Our portfolio includes nominations at prestigious film festivals, including the Venice Film Festival, in the restored classics section after successfully restoring over 1000 movies on national and international fronts.

Our parallel processing approach involves a variety of corrections, offering a range of services tailored to client specifications:

  • Customized solutions for pristine restoration or a combination of Auto & Manual, based on client requirements.
  • Picture/Image Restoration from Standard Definition (SD) up to 8K format, ensuring a visually stunning and contemporary viewing experience.
  • Sound restoration, spanning from Mono to 5.1 Dolby Digital, breathes new life into the auditory dimension of the films.
  • Enhancement of optical effects to deliver more realistic and contemporary visual experiences.

At ANS Media, we take pride in our commitment to preserving and enhancing the cinematic legacy, ensuring that classic films are preserved and revitalized for audiences to enjoy their full glory. Our accomplished team and state-of-the-art technologies make us the preferred choice for comprehensive and high-quality Digital Film Restoration services.

SDR to HDR Conversion

In the evolving landscape of video content consumption, driven by the prevalence of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms, viewer expectations have undergone a significant transformation. Today’s discerning consumers demand nothing short of excellence in picture quality, underscoring the essential role of SDR to HDR conversion.

Once deemed the gold standard, Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) now falls short in meeting the heightened expectations of modern audiences. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology has emerged as a transformative solution, offering a broader colour gamut and elevated contrast ratios that contribute to a more immersive viewing experience.

Acknowledging this shift in viewer preferences, OTT platforms actively invest in HDR technology to deliver an unparalleled experience to their audiences. However, transitioning from SDR to HDR is a nuanced process beyond a simple switch.

The imperative for SDR to HDR conversion is increasingly crucial, and those who proactively invest in this technological evolution will be strategically positioned to cater to the elevated demands of contemporary viewers. At ANS Media, we understand the significance of this shift and offer expertise and services to facilitate seamless and high-quality SDR to HDR conversion, ensuring our clients deliver the best possible visual experience to their audiences.

Digital Deliverables

In the digital realm, ANS Media offers versatile services to cater to diverse clients. The initial raw scan output in lossless DPX format provides a solid foundation, allowing seamless conversion to various digital file formats. Our capabilities extend from low-resolution SD to high-definition formats, including HD, UHD, 2K, 4K, 8K, 10K, and 14K, supporting formats such as Mpeg, JPG, J2K, ProResHQ, TIFF, and more, all tailored to client specifications.

For those seeking to remaster 35mm films, ANS Media presents a unique opportunity to go up to 14K and subsequently down-convert to Super 4K or Super 8K. This advanced capability opens doors to unprecedented visual quality and flexibility.

Our expertise extends beyond new productions; we specialize in enhancing old Standard Definition (SD) content through a proven process that up-converts images to High Definition (HD). Additionally, we facilitate the conversion of files from HD to 2K or from 2K to 4K, enabling Broadcasters, Producers, Content Aggregators, and Distributors to repurpose and monetize legacy content effectively.

Working in close collaboration with content owners, ANS Media ensures seamless compatibility with 4K resolution and other technical requirements of Broadcasters. This strategic alignment empowers clients to publish content across multiple channels, maximizing the reach and impact of their assets.

Our services extend to audio conversion, specifically tailored for Music Streaming and the burgeoning opportunities in OTT platforms. Recognizing the evolving landscape where film and video content monetisation has witnessed substantial growth, ANS Media places paramount importance on preservation and accessibility. Our commitment lies in making files accessible for all requirements, ensuring the longevity and relevance of valuable content in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Film Colorization

ANS Media offers content creators, distributors, and stock video companies a transformative opportunity to unlock new monetisation avenues through revitalising classic films. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and proprietary software, our film colourization services are highly cost-effective and exceptionally affordable. Our refined process guarantees a brilliant output that is nearly perfect, aligning seamlessly with the expectations of our discerning customers.

Embark on a journey to breathe new life into your content, captivating audiences and capitalizing on the burgeoning global film colourization trend with ANS Media. Our dedicated team of highly professional artists, equipped with world-class tools and software, has successfully orchestrated the metamorphosis of numerous black-and-white classics into colourized versions, all while preserving the original aesthetics of each film.

Enhance your brand and increase revenue with the dynamic power of color. Contact ANS Media today to explore how our film colourization services can redefine and amplify the impact of your content in the ever-evolving landscape of visual storytelling.


In the expansive world of World Cinema, an array of aesthetically rich films awaits, capable of sparking profound contemplation, stirring emotions, and delivering unique entertainment experiences. Language, far from being a barrier, should be a conduit for global appreciation of these cinematic treasures. Subtitling, an integral facet of video content, transcends linguistic confines, making audio content universally accessible.
At ANS Media, our commitment to subtitling goes beyond mere translation of dialogues. We elevate films by meticulously translating signs, letters, and captions, striving for depth and meaning. Our seasoned professionals, mindful of linguistic subtleties and textual aesthetics, ensure a thoughtful and immersive subtitling experience. Special attention is given to dialects and sociolect, enhancing the intended impact on diverse audiences.
Our portfolio spans international endeavours and collaborations on esteemed national and regional Films, Web Series, TV Shows, Animations, and Short Form Content for leading production houses.
In an era of digital evolution, the challenge of transferring and handling large digital films and files necessitates strategic archiving. Proper archival practices are paramount to safeguarding against potential data loss in the future. At ANS Media, we recognize the critical importance of meticulous archival approaches to ensure the integrity and accessibility of crucial data over time.

Digital Film Transfer

In the domain of digital film transfer, ANS Media prioritizes the security and efficiency of file exchanges. Our secure file transfer system seamlessly exchanges large files through a protected network connection. Additionally, we boast the capability and state-of-the-art equipment to transfer digital files onto various storage formats, including LTO, Hard Disc, and other specified formats.

Our commitment to safeguarding content is evident through implementing a robust encryption system, providing an extra layer of protection for your valuable data. With ANS Media, rest assured that your data is consistently safe and secure throughout the transfer process. Leave behind any concerns about digital film transfer; we’ve got you covered with our reliable and secure solutions.

Product Sustenance & Support

In the landscape of software product development, the increasing prevalence of born-in-the-cloud, hyper-agile platforms has brought forth new challenges in product sustenance engineering. Managing frequent product updates becomes a delicate balancing act, requiring meticulous attention to established legacy products while concurrently focusing on the innovation and development of new software products.

The complexities of product sustenance are particularly pronounced when catering to a diverse customer base relying on an extensive portfolio of mature products. These customers expect modern user experiences alongside continual scalability, security, and reliability enhancements. ANS Media recognizes the intricacies of this landscape and stands ready to address these challenges with a commitment to excellence.

Our product sustenance services, anchored in an intelligent sustenance engineering framework, leverage contemporary product engineering methodologies such as design thinking, machine learning, SAFe Agile, and DevOps. This approach aims to rejuvenate mature product lines, emphasizing improvements in revenue, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By entrusting ANS Media with your product sustenance needs, you can liberate your teams to focus on new product development and innovation, confident that the maintenance of your existing products is in capable and forward-thinking hands.